Val'Aïgo is nine communes including eight traversed by the Tarn. It is also the story that we meet at the corner of each street, a story that is told by fire and blood but also and especially by the water. At all times, the river has brought people to settle on their banks . Taking advantage of fertile land and water for irrigation, we find traces of habitat since the Paleolithic. But it was during the Gallo-Roman period that the territory became prosperous with the cultivation of the vine. In the 18th century, the Tarn became a trade route and a major commercial port and a major boat building center were established in Villemur-sur-Tarn.

Built between the Hundred Years War and the War of Religion, the nine communes of Val'Aïgo are steeped in history. Entre commerce, agriculture et industrie, le territoire a bâti son identité autour de l’eau.

The cities

Patrimony Architectural

Industrial heritage

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